April 23, 2015


Meet Clepsydra.

The underlying idea was to create an original face design inspired by antique liquid based clocks.
The technical challenge was bigger than usual on this face, I sincerely hope you will enjoy wearing it.

Clepsydra is using animations and motion sensors to represent time, battery life and … wrist inclination!

Time should be read from bottom to top in the vertical alignment.
– The big bottom sphere is filled with hours,
– the middle medium sphere is minutes and …
– that leaves us with seconds at the top.

Seconds sphere fills up from 5 to 59 seconds, then drains down into minutes for 4 seconds. Minutes drains into hours and hours into days (you just need to be patient 🙂 ).

Liquid levels are adjusted for value *and* wrist inclination.
If you look at Clepsydra with your arm raised in front of your face, inclinations will follow your arm movement.
If you set the watch flat on a table (or near to flat +-30degrees) the motion will be blocked for legibility

Date is dispatched between the two left most sphere (Month and Day of the Month) and the medium sphere on the right which is used for Day of the Week.

Last but not least, watch battery level is indicated in the remaining (upper right) sphere.

You may have caught that the background leather texture is embossed with spheres popping out.
For once I did not forget squared devices on the first release. Clepsydra should look great on non-round hardware.

12h display is available and will be applied based on your locale.

Ambient mode is managed by removing all graphics (and seconds text) to keep battery usage low.

Since version 2.0 you can choose between 5 colors: Aqua, Blood, Radioactive, Lava and Chocolate.

Features: Time (Hours, Minutes, Seconds), Date (Day of the month, Month, Day of the week), Battery Level.

Special Features: Motion activated, Animated.



Initial Release April 23rd 2015

Google Play


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