May 7, 2015


This face is using a reflection pattern to render hour and minutes.
Hours are in the upper half and minutes at the bottom.
In the sample, time should read 22:00 (provided you use 24h format)

I have been wearing it in debug mode for about a week now and am getting great feedback on the look and feel.
Most people get it right away, some are still trying to figure it out. That’s the great thing about it.

Designed is preserved in ambient mode, although scaled down to black and white.

Support of 12/24h mode is automatic based on your locale settings.
The sample has been taken on a 24h mode device. It Would Show something like M00/0000 on a 12h device.

Since V2 you can choose between several colors.

This face is an original creation.
The disturbed font has been created by Yoan Maman (


Initial Release on May 7th 2015

Google Play


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