May 14, 2015

MFD Navigation

Here is my humble attempt at the Navigation Instrument found on Multi Function Displays.

This watch face displays, time, battery level, month, day of the week and day of the month.

Time is displayed on top using HHMM format, replacing heading indication.
Battery Level is shown next to the Ground Speed on the left.
All date indicators are gathered on the right.

Most of the screen is used to render plane route animation. I hope you will enjoy the simulation (heading adjustment and smooth turns) because I paid a significant hair tribute to putting this together 🙂
I must confess it is lacking few environment icons such as Airports, VORs and NDBs. But I already secured icons design … seems like a natural upgrade.

Ambient mode is limited to time, battery and date information.

The plane route is a loop with about a dozen turns. The challenge was to keep the route centered on the triangle tip as the animation goes by, and everything gets rotated based on route angle.

Initial Release Date May 14th 2015

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