May 19, 2015

Top Gun

We will celebrate Top Gun 30s birthday next year. It deserves a tribute.
First of all, I apologize for taking so long to come up with a Top Gun watch. I fell in love with this movie at first sight and even if I take it now with a rock of salt, it is definitely part of my sweethearts.
I sincerely hope you have the same fun wearing this watch face I had creating it.

This watch face offers the following features: Time (HHMM), 12/24 hours, Date (week day, month, month day) and Battery Level

Battery Level is represented by the size of the lower blue winglet. Full bars = 100%, no bars well technically you won’t be able to see that 🙂 You will notice battery level is animated every-time the face wakes up.

Ambient mode is achieved by removing all background decoration and printing Time using the Top Gun font.
In order to comply with Android Wear guidelines, Ambient mode is not anti-aliased.

The F14 picture is an original creation. I took an actual F14 daylight picture, turned its shape into a black mask and pasted it on top of a proper sunset. I have received suggestions to adjust scenery based on current time. I will give it a shot if the face gets popular.
Logos and colors have been somewhat distorted to fit round devices but stay close to the original look and feel.


Initial Release May 19 2015

Google Play




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