May 26, 2015

New York City Lights

I have had this face in mind for about 2 months but could not find the right base picture. My wife has taken about 3000 pictures of the big city but I needed something really specific.

I needed a building with enough windows to draw digits turning lights on and off with a somewhat rectangular shape. Then I came accross this. The contrast was probably emphasized by DLR but I really liked the color tone and … the UN building 🙂

Since you cannot fit Manhattan in a watch, I decided to narrow down the selection to Chrysler+UN

After *quite some work* I managed to squeeze 4 animations on the screen:

  1. Time is displayed by switching UN build lights on and off. You will notice that for hours and minutes toggles are not immediate. Some windows take longer to swicth. This has been disabled for seconds because frequent update made it quite unreadable.
  2. There is a second set of lit windows, less bright than time lights which are pseudo randomly toggled during the day.
  3. Dawn and Sunset are achieved by animating 4 colors gradients. They happen between 6 and 7 am and between 9 at 10pm if you use 24h cycles.
  4. The bottom part of the picture brightness is reduced gradually during night hours (but no the building lights)

It may not look like much but there are actually 180 windows on the UN building which are individually animated by 2 different engines.

You can choose one of 6 background modes

  1. 24h cycle is the default mode (one dawn and one sunset per day)
  2. 20min cycle will loop between 10 minutes dawn and sunset
  3. Dawn is a still background reflecting 6:45am
  4. Noon is bright daylight
  5. Sunset is still background reflecting 9:15pm
  6. Night is pitch dark

Initial Release Date May 26th 2015

Google Play


2 thoughts on “New York City Lights
  1. Levi

    Hi! I just installed this watchface, what a masterpiece!! A work of art! A big work effort behond this one – greetings, Levi in Sweden


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