May 28, 2015

Muscle Car

This face is a tribute to muscle cars, or more specifically Ford Mustang.

This particular look and feel dates back from the 90s. Nothing wrong with the 2015 version but the big font was a better fit for a watch sized replica.

Hours are displayed in the RPM dial. Eventually “RPM” will switch to “RAM” in the morning (Should read Arrrrh PM! or Arrrrh AM!).

Minutes are displayed in the MPH (Minutes per Hour) dial.

Battery level is rendered in the … FUEL gauge, obviously!

Date is displayed in digital format in the bottom dial. After few attempts to go analog on this one, I picked the most legible solution.


Animations: This watch has animated hands which is triggered when the face wakes up. You will also notice a smooth roll back when hands return to 0.

I initially wanted to make the watch vibrate on wake up to simulate the engine roar, but this was just very irritating upon testing.


Ambient mode is achieved by turning everything to a glowing orange color.


Configuration: You can pick one of 5 accents. The first four will just change Hands color while “Night” will toggle a full Night Display. You can see for yourself on the attached picture.

Features: Time (Hours, Minutes), Date (Month, Week Day, Month Day), Battery Level, 12 hours mode, Configuration.


Initial Release Date: May 28, 2015

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