January 1, 2016

Paris City Lights

I meant this watch to be simple on appearance yet rich in details.
For those coming from an other planet, this is the Eiffel tower with its new lightings.

Time format is using your phone 12/24 settings. You may notice that time is rendered about 25% bigger than date for balance.

Date is bare minimum with day of week and day of month. More details where looking too bulky.

Sparkling replication (Introduced in 2000):
182 individual lights, (hand positioned on the tower) are animated when the clock reaches the hour (for 1 minute) or when the watch resumes from ambient or sleep mode (for 5 seconds).
The actual tower has about 20,000 lights.

For ambiant mode, animations are off. You can still see the tower albeit darker with pitch dark background.

I have another set of colors for the tower (showing on store pictures) which I will hapilly release upon request.


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