January 14, 2016

Airport Board

Your own personal Airport Arrival Board!

This watch is meant to be used when you work across timezones.
For clarity, this is *not* a Flight Tracker app.

Airports Galore

While main time on top matches the phone’s, the other 4 are configurable.
You chose each timezone by entering the airport IATA code (like JFK=New York).

This is actually a great cheat sheet for IATA exams 🙂
I hope you will enjoy Airport settings panels, which performs airports lookup in realtime.

In 12h mode, you will notice that there is an am/pm indicator next to the minute digits.

Battery level

Batteray level is represented twice:

  1. Gate numbers match current battery level (minus % symbol)
  2. Flight statuses are based on battery level. Without disclosing the full goodness, all flights should be “On Time” when you have 100% and they should all be “Canceled” when you reach 10%. With all combinations in between!


  • MainTime
  • 4 configurable timezones
  • Day of Week
  • Day of Month
  • Battery Level
  • Knows about 6k airports (5878)

Most airport names where imported then truncated to 12 characters to fit the screen.
Please drop us a note if your favorite airport as been truncated in a way that makes it unusable.

This one was a great challenge to put together, and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.

Google Play Link: Pending


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