February 13, 2016

Led Travel

I built this face for led face lovers who are dealing with multiple time zones either for travel or just work with remote offices.

Although the face only displays 4 zones, you actually have the choice between 6000 airport codes to select your favorite cities.
If you have doubts on any airport code, just Google its IATA code (3 letters).

The face comes with configurable primary color and simple settings which have proven essential in other faces.
Current timezone is currently highlighted in white, which could be selectable in the future (please push this feature if you need it)

The localtime is deducted from the phone’s. Please make sure to have your phone time adjusting automatically adjusting to network time for optimal experience.
With such setting, the highlighted zone will be following you (provided you travel within your selection)

This face will evolve over time since I am using it for my own travel 🙂


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