May 31, 2016


Update: Unfortunately Google has pushed back on this face due to Arnold’s face being … copyrighted!

I had to do this one.

No more saying “I’ll be back” without telling what time exactly. 🙂

This is a tribute to our beloved Terminator series.
This face comes with 3 configurable screen (including 2nd time zone) and 3 color accents.

You get to choose between the following:
Left Screen:
– “Off”
– “Hours”
“HH:MM:SS” (might look tiny)
“CSM 101” (for purists)

Right Screen:
– “Off”,
– “Minutes”,
– “Seconds”,
– “Battery. Level”,
– “Light” (Or the eye);

Top Screen:
– “Off”,
– “Year”,
– “Week”,
– “DDD DD”,
– “Batt. Lvl.”,
– “MMM DD”,
– “MMM’YY”,
– “MM/DD/YY”,
– “DD/MM/YY”,
– “2nd Time Zone”


Store listing is comming soon



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