The original idea is to have fun creating and using watch faces for our own use.  If it’s good enough for us, it may do the trick for you too!


  • We create faces we love to wear,
  • We listen and respond to user feedback,
  • All configuration must be in-watch, no phone side settings,
  • We keep layouts dark to preserve battery life,
  • We try to stuff animations in our faces. Eye candy matters.

Why so many Pilot watches?

Because they look good! We don’t have plans to stick to aviation watches. In fact there are many other areas that deserve attention and we have only scratched the surface.

Are you in for the money?

It’s important to be straight about this question. If you enter this game to make money you will be very disappointed. For clarity, we will never get compensated for the time we spend making these watch faces.

Clepsydra for example took about 30 hours of research and coding for 5 downloads. We can purchase two diet Cokes with the proceeds.

Why is that? Well Google takes 30% and VAT 20%. So every time someone pays a dollar, 50c gets blown away. Plus, it is fairly hard to grab people attention when you release a new face. This market is very abundant and prices extremely low.

Forget about the money or end up frustrated. Fun is the only pay off.


Tools of the trade:

  1. Code. All code is written in Java in Android Studio (based on IntelliJ)
  2. Image Edition: GIMP. Even if our usable assets end up in PNG and JPG, we have a XCF version of everything.
  3. Store Assets : HTML + CSS. Thanks to Yoan Maman for creating this trick. We can produce all store assets inside an HTML page using only few input PNG files.

We chose the coding approach over generators such as Watch Maker to have full control on the API. A bit harder to deliver but very fast execution, hence reduced battery usage.


If you have question or comments, please drop us a note at support@seenapps.com


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  1. Jerome Tomaskovich

    PLEASE bring over the Red LED watchface to Samsung Gear S3! I switched from Android Wear to Gear and I miss the Red LED watchface more than anything. I’d pay $5 for it.


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